The Four Stars

Long ago, upon the shining crystal sea, lived four great angels. Among those lesser, they were called the Four Stars. One was called Lucifer, the Morning Light. Another, Gabriel Messenger of Truth. The third was Michael Glowing Son of Fire. For his hair is like that of a river of fire. The last I do not know his name. But he was crafted with the stillness of water and his garments a flowing stream. Today, some call him the healing angel, but he did not say his name. To each of these angels was given great power by the Ancient One—He who numbers the days of man and crafted their souls. It was by his word of power that all things were given life…these Four Stars were crafted by the garment of his robe, thus their appearance was scintillating in glory.  He gave them dominion over the areas of angelic majesties.

“You will take what is mine and serve me with it,” he said to each of the angels. To Lucifer, he gave him the gift of sound…to fashion music—he would be a great cherub of light. The catching of worship like a ribbon of light. In this angel were vibrant, living, stones of glory. Other angels gathered around Lucifer in radiant colors I have never seen before. They were given a multitude of voices that created vibrations in heaven. As Lucifer raised his voice his golden wings were like the sound of stringed instruments. And He showed them the sounds of heaven by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Then the Ancient One turned to Gabriel and breathed upon the blue-star-like angel. The Ancient one gave to this great angel a golden trumpet and he said, “To all who hear you…may they be blessed. Go and speak truth to the heavens and the earth.” Then as it was, a great company of angels surrounded Gabriel and he spoke to them the language of heaven and the mysteries of God. A great flash of lightning-sparked among them and then appeared a brightness inside them.

Then the Ancient one turned to Michael and asked him, “How consuming is the fire of God?” Michael, whose eyes were like lighting, placed the Ancient One’s hands on his heart and the Ancient one said, “Passion I give you Michael, but a gentle spirit will you become. May you stand in my fire and become the prince of the Angels.” A crown was given to Michael in the form of a golden band embroidered glowing emeralds and rubies around his head.  His wings were bronze with fire upon them, thus they had become swift! There came to Michael creatures, strange in nature to accompany him. These were the appearance of winged lions and great bird like creatures made of the Glory of God; angels crafted for war! Some were fiery white dragons of light, and there were winged horses blazing like a sea of diamonds. There were many of the hosts of heaven given to Michael’s command, and with his shout, the heavens shook with praise!

Then the Ancient one turned to the last of the Four Stars and said, “Mercy, compassion, kindness, like a gentle river. Be filled with love…” And this great angel became like a rainbow—like mist from the great waterfalls of heaven. He was beautiful with the eyes of an ocean. Then rising out of the crystal sea came angels of great beauty and wonder but you could see fresh water inside them. They smiled with joy! Their number was great whilst they resembled a fountain of life, healing flowed from their hands. To the great angel, he was given the power of encouragement to heal the broken heart and wounded body.

Thus was the beginning of the Four Stars…but one had fallen. The great morning light had left its place.