Behold God

When the angels had left me upon the sea of glass, I was expecting to meet countless people all praising God, but instead it was quiet upon the waves and there was only one standing right in front of me. He was God—the Maker of all spirits and bodies of the world above and below. He was incomparable to all things in heaven. I cannot comprehend his glory! He was brighter than all the lights of heaven. Even the lights from the angels are taken from the dust of his hands which give them a glow. God, who is also called Father, desired my company at this very moment. He held out his hands like diamonds—his whole body was liken unto diamonds shinning in the sunlight. As he held out his hands to me he said sweetly, “Come sit with me.” A gentle breeze danced around me from his breath and the sea of glass rippled from beneath his feet which became like fire!

Our Father, whose skin was like diamonds, stood above every order in heaven; the maker of all realities, dimensions, and possibilities—dressed himself in endless light like a living flame illuminating as a kaleidoscope! He is beautiful, kind, gentle, and compassionate! Yes, you can look into his face; absolute beauty! He has the most loving eyes of blue fire which is his complete passion for you! His smile towards you lights up the sky that forms gloriously around him. His hair is white like lighting which gives the cosmos life and movement within him. Every strand of hair is embroidered with gold, blue and pink lights! He is the creator of all things and they exist by his very breath. Yes, the breath of God is fresh with cinnamon, and the aromas of the flowers from His garden. His is all Life! His garment is like a great waterfall…so powerful and majestic! Nothings compares to this sight. His adornment is like a waterfall violently gushing from his robe of great light into the sea of glass. Like the great falls we see here on earth a gentle midst gracefully touches your faces. He is like a brilliant blue star which reflects from the water pouring out from him.

“Come and drink Micah! Fill the cup of your soul with divine love! I am love…who can but destroy the Creator of Love. Come and drink! It cost nothing,” He said as he stepped closer to me with his arms out stretched.

It was now my turn to respond to him. I had no idea what to say to such an invitation. I felt his intense love for me…it was like the sound of a mighty wave moving out from him. As I stepped forward the excitement in him grew so powerfully that explosions of fire appeared from his chest causing the atmosphere around us to burn. He suddenly roared with passion, He proclaimed, “To all my enemies, beware of my roar. My roar is of love! Those who stand against my children will be consumed by fire!” I knew he was talking against Satan and his kingdom of darkness. Suddenly I saw terror around him…I saw his appearance towards Satan! He was exploding with power; an atomic explosion! A storm of lighting appeared around him and his eyes were red hot! Fire flowed before him like lava from a volcano. I was in the midst of it, but I felt nothing but peace! His hair stood up and a great storm cloud surrounded us in thick darkness. Then in a flash everything was calm again! He was as he appeared at first and his hands were still open to me! He waited for me and said, “Come and Behold God.”

I could not resist him.

Isaiah 55:1, Psalm 36:8, Psalm 104:2, and Psalm18—this is about answering us and delivering us from the hands of the enemy!